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Run wordpress site on a web server online

Steps to run a wordpress site online on a web server –

  1. Download wordpress from http://wordpress.org/download/ as a zip file.
  2. Extract all files from zip file and upload all the files & folders to the “public_html” of your domain on hosting server.
  3. Open your domain in a web browser.
  4. It will show “Create a Configuration File” button page.
  5. Click on “Create a Configuration File” button. It will show a wordpress page with some info.
  6. Click on “Let’s Go!” button. It will show database details form.
  7. Type database name in first text field.
  8. Type username and password of database server.
  9. Type “” or “localhost” in “Database Host” field.
  10. Click on Submit.
  11. It will show a page containing a text area. Select all the text in text area. Copy it and paste in a empty notepad (or any other text editor) file.
  12. Save this file named as “wp-config.php”.
  13. Open FileZilla and transfer this file to root folder ([newdomain.com]/public_html) of your domain. (Refer to Steps to upload a website to web server)
  14. Close FileZilla and go to browser where we have opened new domain previously.
  15. Click on “Run the Install” button. Type “Blog-Title” & “Email” in appropriate fields.
  16. Click on “Install WordPress” Button. Note down admin username and password. Click login button.
  17. You can change password by clicking on “Yes, Take me to my profile page” in red color at top.
  18. It will open profile page, type your new password twice in both password fields.
  19. If you do not want to change it now leave password fields blank.

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