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Upload website from FileZilla

Steps to upload a website to a web server-

  1. Following steps will be according to FileZilla_3.3.2 software. Steps may vary for other ftp softwares.
  2. You can download free FileZilla from http://filezilla-project.org/download.php
  3. Install FileZilla and run it.
  4. Click on “Site Manager” option under “File” menu. (Alternatively you can use “Ctrl+s” to open Site Manager.)
  5. Click on “New Site” button in Site Manager dialog box.
  6. Type domain name “example.com” in “Host” field on the right side panel.
  7. Type “21” in port field.
  8. Select “Normal” from “Logontype” combo list box.
  9. Type ftp username & password in “User” and “password” field.
  10. Now click on “Connect” button near the bottom of site manager dialog box.
  11. It will start connecting to server and will show all files & folders in the root of our server in “Remote Site” box located in middle of window.
  12. Open the location of wordpress website folder in “Local Site” field located at left-middle of window.
  13. Open the domains folder of “Remote Site” box. (Double click on it).
  14. It will show a list of domains hosted on server in the “Remote Site” middle box.
  15. Double click on newly created domain name folder to open it in “Remote Site” middle box.
  16. Double click on “public_html” folder to open it. (It will have a folder(cgi-bin) and some files. Delete “index.html” file only. Remaining files and folder will remain as such.)
  17. Now open the local website folder located in the “Local Site” middle box.
  18. It will show folders and files. Select these all folders & files by “Ctrl + A” or “Shift+click”.
  19. Drag these selected folders & files to the right middle box of “Remote Site” in “public_html” folder.
  20. It will start uploading all the files & folders and will show transfers in the bottom panel “Queued files”.
  21. If any file is shown in failed transfers tab, right click on this file and select “Reset & Requeue selected files” to retransfer it.

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